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Bring data where decisions take place, without the hassle of hiring a data engineer.

Custom Data Extraction, Load, Transformation
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Custom Job by Data Engineering Experts

handoff is a full end to end service from customization to proactive maintenance.  Our robust platform and experienced professionals provide value, quality, and consistency to all of your data challenges.

Tailor Made for You

Having problems finding a pre-built integration for ETL services?  Do you need data transformation logic?  We'll build exactly what you need.

Free Proof of Concept

 We set up data replication for 14 days free of charge.  This provides plenty of time to evaluate your proof of concept.

Active Monitoring

We keep our eyes on your data flow.  This allows you to trust the data and focus on making decisions.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Tim Thatcher
COO, Tiny Technologies Inc.
Customer since 2019

"We have been extremely pleased with the work done by ANELEN to set-up a platform to enable us to gain deeper levels of insight into many aspects of our business.  ANELEN has both the expertise, and just as importantly, the desire to help its clients get the most value they can out of their data."

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Bring the Data Together for Analytics

Whether you're in marketing, sales, or customer success, chances are you use cloud services with lots of data.  Get your data out of silos and into a data warehouse where valuable insights can be found.

Reverse ETL: Publish the Data to Apps

Don't make your data warehouse a data dead-end.  We get the metrics into the hands of your users and into the apps they use, whether that's Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, or any other "frontline" application.

Deployment and Monitoring Service

We can deploy the pipeline in your cloud account so your data and process safely stay inside your company. We'll keep our eyes on the data flow and respond quickly so you'll have the right data to make important decisions.

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  • 14 days free data flow
  • Historical data replication
  • Up to 5 data tables

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