Zero Overhead

Setup is free so you see the value before paying. You don't need to hire an expensive data engineer. 

Risk-free trial

You are taking a bold step. Let us make it easier!

  • 14 days free data flow
  • Historical data replication
  • Up to 5 data tables

Basic Plan

Monthly subscription of our data extraction and export service:

  • Data Extraction fee: $300 per integration
  • Data Export fee: $600 per destination
  • Included: Customization, active monitoring, and maintenance
  • Example: Extracting data from 2 cloud applications and exporting to 1 data warehouse costs $300 x 2 + $600 x 1 = $1,200 per month. 

Advanced Plan

For pipelines with a complex logic and data transformation

  • Ask us to estimate the setup and maintenance fees. We'll build exactly what you need. 

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